Oilfield Drilling & Production (Onshore / Offshore)

  • Repair and refurbishment of Blowout Preventers (BOP), Diverters, X-mas Trees, API & ANSI Valves, confirming to the original manufacturers specifications.
  • Manufacture and repair of Choke Manifolds. Manufacture, service and repair of Hydraulic Control Panels.

Refinery, Oil & Gas Production

  • Overhaul, repair, testing and certifying of Isolation and Control Valves, including supply of original manufacturers’ spare parts.
  • Testing, servicing and certifying of Pressure Safety Valves and safety Relief Valves, Direct-Acting and Pilot-Operated types.
  • Overhaul, service, repair, calibrating and certifying of pneumatic/hydraulic operated Control Valves.

Fabrication And Associated Services

  • Fabrication of Mud Tank Systems, Offshore Tool and Drill Pipe Baskets, Liquid and Powder Storage Tanks, Soils and Pressure Vessels.
  • Fabrication of Rig related items such as Mast sections, manifolds, piping and many other structural works.
  • Within the fabrication area is a large environmentally controlled grit blasting room and painting facility.

Machine Shop

  • Manufacture of client components from either supplied drawings or from approved drawings produced and derived from parts supplied as samples.
  • All materials used in manufacture are certified and fully traceable.

Non-Destructive Testing

  • As part of initial in-process inspection, the components are subjected to NDT. Ferrous materials are subjected to MPI and non-ferrous to DPI.
  • Hardness check is done on the components.