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Alnahaar Oil Services delivers a complete and comprehensive range of engineering and fabrication services to the Oil and Gas, Energy, Maritime, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Utility industry sectors.
Non-Destructive Testing

As part of initial in-process inspection, the components are subjected to NDT. Ferrous materials are subjected to MPI and non-ferrous to DPI. Hardness check is done on the components.

Machine Shop

Manufacture of client components from either supplied drawings or from approved drawings produced and derived from parts supplied as samples. All materials used in manufacture are certified and fully traceable.

Fabrication And Associated Services

Fabrication of Mud Tank Systems, Offshore Tool and Drill Pipe Baskets, Liquid and Powder Storage Tanks, Soils and Pressure Vessels. Fabrication of Rig related items such as Mast sections, manifolds, piping and many other structural works. Within the fabrication area is a large environmentally controlled grit blasting room and painting facility.

Refinery, Oil & Gas Production

Overhaul, repair, testing and certifying of Isolation and Control Valves, including supply of original manufacturers’ spare parts. Testing, servicing and certifying of Pressure Safety Valves and safety Relief Valves, Direct-Acting and Pilot-Operated types. Overhaul, service, repair, calibrating and certifying of pneumatic/hydraulic operated Control Valves.

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Alnahaar Oil Services
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Alnahaar is an Iraqi company established mainly as a free zone company to be active in representing the major oil service companies and leading Engineering and technical services company in Iraq, in the fields of oil and gas Industry and also for general trades for all goods as one of the company specialty. We have the true ability to provide the clients with human resources and professional services in these fields and we are ready to prove our reliability and professionalism.

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